About Us

Italians Down Under - La cucina italiana

Italians Down Under is made of people. Even if our backgrounds are different, we are united towards the same goal!

Here a short resume for each of us!


James IDU
IDU James
An urban pirate

James Califano, is an Italian guy with a big passion for food, wine and everything else hospitality. After completing a Master's Degree in Law, he decided to completely change his life and moved Down Under in search of a new experience.

Meanwhile moustache and beard are grown and once landing in Melbourne, he met Simone Cerrate at Habitat HQ in the quirky suburb of St. Kilda.

Together they have started this project called Italians Down Under.




IDU Saimon

Simone, aka SAIMON for the aussies, was born in Torino and has been raised with Bagna cauda and polenta.
He has a diploma as a chemical engineer, but his passions are photography and videography. Upon arriving in the land down under, he met James at Habitat HQ and they quickly became friends.

He is currently waiting for an Oscar for the perfect movie he has not started yet.

Il Risotto del Viandante
Danilo IDU
L' Oscuro Viandante

Danilo Magliano is a walking botanical encyclopaedia. Walk with him down the street, in a bush or in a garden and he will find a thousand plants you could use for medical reasons and more.

With a degree in Agriculture and Natural Science from University of Federico II of Naples and years of experience in many sectors of hospitality, he decided once landing in Australia to move to the countryside and get his hands dirty with plants and animals.

Danilo is our 100% organic food supplier, and our special consultant when it comes to planting and veggie gardening.