AR Italy: a new collaboration for promoting the Italian Lifestyle in Australia

An agreement has been ratified between “AR – Italian Lifestyle” and“Italians Down Under” about the promotion of the Italian lifestyle in Australia.

AR Italian Lifestyle logo

Two projects. One, created by the communication agency MTN Company. The other one, created by the Italians in Melboure: James Califano,Simone Cerrato and Danilo Magliano. Both projects want to give visibility overseas to the products “Made in Italy” and particularly to the gastronomy.

“AR – Italian lifestyle” is a project of “Territorio 2.0” to directly promote in Italy and overseas its unknown location, the offerings and the peculiarities that represent the values and the Italian tradition through the digital platform . Italians Down Under (IDU) is the perfect partner for AR as they globally emphasise the best Italian quality which often does not have the right value.

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