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Tomato Day: an Italian tradition DownUnder

Tomato Day

it’s time! / come on!  on the table, in the middle of summer, / the tomato, star on the earth, / recurrent and fertile, / displays its convolutions, / its canals, / its remarkable amplitude and abundance, / no pit, / no husk, /
no leaves or thorns, /
the tomato offers its gift of fiery color / and cool completeness.

(P. Neruda – Ode to Tomatoes) 

The Tomatoes is the essential part of the Mediterranean diet and it is a star on the Italian table. Introduced in Italy after the Discovery of the Americas it has been treated as a precious gift. In Italian it’s called 

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Fashion & Food? Can they mix?


It’s 3am and my Italian friends and I happen to walk past a mens fashion shoe shop after an after work drink and snack. “I’d like a new pair of sneakers”, Valerio says. “Adidas are really trendy at the moment but Reebok sneakers are making a comeback!” I reply with enthusiasm as I exert my fashion knowledge of the season:  “Natalie, we are Italian- we make the fashion of the season”. Well, duh!… I dedicate this article to another valuable item Italians have brought with them down under: Style.

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“O Ragu’ “: The Sunday Ritual

The Ragu

It’s not Sunday without the Ragu. First of all don’t call it “a sauce”! It is not a simple sauce, it is not just a dish. The Ragu is the proof of how important the food culture is  in Italy. When you prepare it you are not just preparing food. Preparing it for  Sunday lunch is a ritual which requires passion. There are specific processes and steps to be done. Please, let us introduce “o ragu’ “.

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Tiramisu: when the beer meets the dessert


Tiramisu is a very popular dolce (dessert) in Italy and it’s particular taste is the reason it has spread world wide. It is known that many different versions exist and everyone claims their recipe is the best one. When we met Josh and the new Feral’s beer, the Karma Citra – a black IPA – we realised that

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Christmas Lunch! Fig Focaccia.

Christmas Lunch

What’s your plan for the Christmas Lunch? BBQ on the beach or lunch with family? Meat or seafood?

The Christmas Lunch.

It’s that time of year again! Christmas, or “Natale”, no matter how religious you are is traditionally correlated with food. Everybody celebrates Christmas slightly different, but for myself Christmas Eve extra special as it just happens to be my Nonno’s birthday. My family

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