Fashion & Food? Can they mix?


It’s 3am and my Italian friends and I happen to walk past a mens fashion shoe shop after an after work drink and snack. “I’d like a new pair of sneakers”, Valerio says. “Adidas are really trendy at the moment but Reebok sneakers are making a comeback!” I reply with enthusiasm as I exert my fashion knowledge of the season:  “Natalie, we are Italian- we make the fashion of the season”. Well, duh!… I dedicate this article to another valuable item Italians have brought with them down under: Style.

Fashion & Food.

La Moda meets food in Italian culture. They are both fundamental elements in the daily Italian lifestyle. They are both so similar in that so much pride is put into them both, and when passion is given to something, natural beauty is created. You will see this in Dolce & Gabbana fashion campaigns. In each photo, it tells a story of inspiration for the clothing. Summer 2016 features fruit stalls, small shops, and iconic Italian food: spaghetti, coffee and of course family and friends. D&G say their inspiration is the genuine Italian lifestyle. In most of the campaign images, the models are gathered around food! Watch an Italian having an aperitif with his amici- observe the clothing but more so how it is worn. It seems effortless; “bellisimo!”.


Observe him enjoying his spritz and his piatto di pasta made by his best mate the cuoco. “buon appetito!”  Watch your zia and nonna whip you up some quick antipasti or even better yet ask James and Simon to cook at your home. Food is important but even more how you present yourself at the table. It is respect and love for who you are joining. The same as preparing a meal, you would want your guests to enjoy what you have made. Food and fashion present a two way street.


Both intertwine once again as they inspire each other. On the D&G runway it is clearly evident the natural reds, oranges and green colours are sourced from Italian produce. In restaurants, food is not simply placed randomly, but it more so arranged. The chef feels passion when cooking, and wants to give feeling to the customer who eats it. He arranges the ingredients in a decorative manner so you feel good eating it.

The table is the meeting spot – all eyes are on you and the food!

Mangia mangia and #stayhungry.

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