Frying Eating. Carpe diem in the kitchen.

Frying & Eating

Frying and Eating, “Frijenno magnanno”, is a Neapolitan expression that once again show how food & culture are strictly connected in Italy, and especially in the South.


The use of two gerunds in a sentence without another verb represent the importance of doing these two action simultaneously, without interruptions. Once fried, the food has to be eaten immediately – no hesitations.

“Frijenno magnanno” summarize the Latin concept of “Carpe Diem”. An aphorism  usually translated as “seize the day”. A sort of invite to enjoy the moment, or the food in this case: at its best, when it is still hot.

Frying & Eating
Frying & Eating

Frying and Eating is related to a different variety of food that are part of what is called “Fritto all’Italiana” (Italian style fried food). This style was invented in Naples where small shops on the street used to prepare food which was to be eaten standing up, while walking.

Zucchini flowers, stuffed, battered and fried are one of our favorite. Especially if they come from the Veggie Garden of our friend Oscuro Viandante. Top quality and 100% organic.

First of all, let’s make the “pastella”, the batter.

Frying and Eating
Frying and Eating

In a bowl mix the flour and the cold water (better if sparkling) and the beer. We used the Jamies Squire Hop Thief (APA) with its firm malt backbone and passionfruit aroma. Pour the liquid gradually; the batter has to be creamy not runny. Whisk until the elements are combined together.

Live it in the fridge while you stuff the zucchini flower.

In a bowl mash the fresh ricotta adding olive oil, salt and pepper.

Gently open the zucchini flower and stuff them with an anchovy fillet and a ball of ricotta. Gently close them with the hand on the top.

Frying and Eating
Frying and Eating

Preheat the vegetable oil in a large pan at (180*-190*)

Once you stuffed all the flowers remove the batter from the fridge and add some ice cubes in it.

When the oil is ready, holding the flower from the top part, merge them in the batter, lift up letting the extra batter fall down and continue to fry them all!

Frying and Eating
Frying and Eating


Remove and lay them on a plate with cooking paper to absorb the extra oil.





6 Zucchini flower,

150 gr of Fresh Ricotta,

6 Anchovy fillets,

150 gr of Plain Flour,

50 ml of Cold Water

50 ml of Cold Beer

1 L Vegetable Oil

Salt & Pepper




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