Sciuesciue’. More than pasta. A philosophy.

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” Sciuésciué’ ”

What does it actually mean?

As a dialect expression the concept of the “sciuesciue'” is something hard to translate. Indeed, it is something that has to be somewhat experienced to be understood because there is no literal translation that would be satisfactory.

“Sciuesciue'” (shoo-ey shoo-ey) probably comes from the Latin word: ‘fluens‘ (flowing). In the Neapolitan dialect that the ‘F’ becomes ‘sc’ (eg. Fiore, flower, sciore). In dialect this espression refers to the simplicity of how something has been done easily and quickly.

But, “sciuesciue’ “is more than that. It is a philosophy – a way of life. It does not mean “in a hurry” and it does not refer to doing something in less of the time required. “Sciue’sciue’ ” is the ART of doing something “quickly”, it is the capability to create something sublime in the time you have available .

In conclusion, “sciuesciue’ ” is the ability of using the amount of time we have at our disposal in the best way, to make the time limitation a resource.


One way to understand the Sciuesciue’ philosophy is by entering a home kitchen in Naples. There, the people had made their lack of time a resource.

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Nothing is easier and best represents this philosophy than this simple recipe.

All you need is:

  • 6-8 cherry tomatoes;
  • basil leaves;
  • garlic;
  • pasta (short pasta is better, but any will be good );
  • Salt & good Extra Virgin Olive Oil;

In a pot with salted and boiling water cook the pasta al dente. In a pan, add some olive oil and chopped garlic, shallow fry it til golden brown. Turn off the fire.

Chop the cherry tomatoes and select a bunch of nice basil leaves.

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Save a cup of the boiling water. Drain the pasta, add into the pan and put it back on the fire. Add the cherry tomatoes, the basil, olive oil and little bit of the water you saved to complete the cooking. Finish and serve.

Furthermore, remember as our friend Clementine says: “eating alone is unhealthy!”.

Even if you don’t have much time, share your lunch or dinner with a friend – we guarantee it will definitely be better.

This is our recipe for #SaveRummo : Fusilli SciueSciue’

Pasta sciuesciue '
Pasta sciuesciue ‘

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