The Italian Brunch: Pane & Mortadella!

Pane e mortadella


“Brunch” is definitively not an Italian thing. For us the “proper” lunch is sitting around the table, having our primo piatto di pasta (main) and then a second meal; which could be: vegetables, fish or seafood; or meat.

Sometimes when the day starts earlier than usual, around 11.00am your stomach starts to ask you for food, that is the  perfect moment for the “second” breakfast aka “brunch”.The first thing we go to for our second breakfast is without a doubt: Pane e Mortadella.

This panino is quick and easy to make, and very delicious. It is basically a poem between two slices of bread.


All you need is a ciabatta or any other shape of bread you like. Cut it in half. Add two or more slices of provolone cheese and two slices of the best mortadella ham. Now, there are those who love the slices very thin, so thin that they look transparent, and there are those that love them little bit more thick. What do you like?


Let’s get back to the panino. Now basically, it is complete with provolone and mortadella, but if you want to give it a twist (or be a little bit fancy) you can add some olives and peperoni sott’olio (capsicum marinated in the oil).

That’s it. Now, take a breath and be ready for your first bite. It will be orgasmic.

A very cold Peroni beer will be definitely the perfect mate for this spuntino.

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