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Nomit is a non-profit organisation recognized by the Italian Consulate in Melbourne, registered in the State of Victoria and run by a group of volunteers.
Nomit was founded on May 20 2013 by a group of young Italians that strongly wanted to facilitate the integration of their own compatriots and share with Australia a more contemporary image of the Italian culture.

Nomit LogoIn less than a year Nomit has become a reference point for the Italian community in Melbourne, thanks to other volunteers that joined the founders.


  • Assist the new generation of Italian migrants to integrate themselves in Australia.
  • Represent a contemporary Italian culture.
  • Create a new network that involves Italians, Australians and the other ethnicities in Melbourne.


We strongly believe that the Italian culture has deeply changed since the first migrants arrived to Melbourne.
We think that the best way to share the new Italian culture is by facilitating the integration of the young adults in the Australian society. We strongly believe that the integration takes place through different fields varying from artistic to social.
We are sure that the communication is an essential key for the integration process.

This is why we assist and provide Italians with a wide range of information about living in Australia, support them in learning English and organize cultural and educational events to promote the Italian culture and network with other ethinicities.

Our Nomit Projects

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