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Nomad Salt&Pepper Goat

Nomad Salt&Pepper Goat

We love our mom’s and nonna’s recipes, but now we are adult boys so we can create something ourselves, especially when we found new products that catch our attention like the new Nomad Salt&Pepper beer! Could you imagine that is not only good to drink but also perfect to marinate a Goat leg? Well, have a look!

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Tiramisu: when the beer meets the dessert


Tiramisu is a very popular dolce (dessert) in Italy and it’s particular taste is the reason it has spread world wide. It is known that many different versions exist and everyone claims their recipe is the best one. When we met Josh and the new Feral’s beer, the Karma Citra – a black IPA – we realised that

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Frying Eating. Carpe diem in the kitchen.

Frying & Eating

Frying and Eating, “Frijenno magnanno”, is a Neapolitan expression that once again show how food & culture are strictly connected in Italy, and especially in the South.


The use of two gerunds in a sentence without another verb represent the

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The Italian Brunch: Pane & Mortadella!

Pane e mortadella


“Brunch” is definitively not an Italian thing. For us the “proper” lunch is sitting around the table, having our primo piatto di pasta (main) and then a second meal; which could be: vegetables, fish or seafood; or meat.

Sometimes when the day starts earlier than usual, around 11.00am your stomach starts to ask you for food, that is the  perfect moment for the “second” breakfast aka “brunch”.

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