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Minestrone: not just a plain soup


Minestrone is for us that kind of dish that if our moms would know that these days we are not only eating it but we are actually even writing a post about it, they will probably grab a wooden spoon and make us feel child again! It is one of that dish that when you are a kid you never want. The smell of it in the kitchen makes you feel sick. However, we grew up, our taste changed and

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Pici Senesi: kale, sausages and briciole

Pici Senesi

Pici are a unique Tuscan type of pasta. A kind of fat spaghetti which represents the symbol of regional “cucina povera”. The reason for their success is in the multiple choice of sauces they can be match with. Now, as many of you probably already know we are not from Tuscany and this was our first attempt to make 

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Flavourhood: Raffaela & Her Neighbourhoods

Flavourhood - Linguine e Vongole

Almost a year ago I had the fortune of meeting this beautiful woman named Raffaela. Now, of course, I was first attracted to her beautiful smile and shining eyes although, you know, a person can be as beautiful as you want but if they don’t know how to make a parmigiana di melanzane (eggplant parmigiana) then we’re sorry because beauty is temporary, hunger is forever. Luckily for us though, Raffaela is not only just a beautiful woman but she is also a great cook and, most of all, is passionate about food just like us and perhaps even more so! Come with us and discover

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Nomad Salt&Pepper Goat

Nomad Salt&Pepper Goat

We love our mom’s and nonna’s recipes, but now we are adult boys so we can create something ourselves, especially when we found new products that catch our attention like the new Nomad Salt&Pepper beer! Could you imagine that is not only good to drink but also perfect to marinate a Goat leg? Well, have a look!

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Casatiello : The King of the Easter Meal

Il Casatiello

Il Casatiello. A crown on the table during the Easter holidays. It’s not Easter if there is no Casatiello. And how can you call it Easter Monday without Casatiello? It is part of the Easter Saturday lunch. And the left over, because there is always leftover, is part of the Easter Monday’s picnic. It is a complex and rich bread, for someone it could be heavy . That’s why “casatiello” is also used to describe a person who is

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Tomato Day: an Italian tradition DownUnder

Tomato Day

it’s time! / come on!  on the table, in the middle of summer, / the tomato, star on the earth, / recurrent and fertile, / displays its convolutions, / its canals, / its remarkable amplitude and abundance, / no pit, / no husk, /
no leaves or thorns, /
the tomato offers its gift of fiery color / and cool completeness.

(P. Neruda – Ode to Tomatoes) 

The Tomatoes is the essential part of the Mediterranean diet and it is a star on the Italian table. Introduced in Italy after the Discovery of the Americas it has been treated as a precious gift. In Italian it’s called 

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