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Fashion & Food? Can they mix?


It’s 3am and my Italian friends and I happen to walk past a mens fashion shoe shop after an after work drink and snack. “I’d like a new pair of sneakers”, Valerio says. “Adidas are really trendy at the moment but Reebok sneakers are making a comeback!” I reply with enthusiasm as I exert my fashion knowledge of the season:  “Natalie, we are Italian- we make the fashion of the season”. Well, duh!… I dedicate this article to another valuable item Italians have brought with them down under: Style.

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#Save Rummo “Frittata di maccheroni”

Rummo pasta


In October the town of Benevento (Italy) has been hit by a tremendous flood which has damaged the city and destroyed the Pasta Rummo factory.

Immediately, a chain of solidarity spread across social media. Using the hashtag #SaveRummo, a lot of users started to upload pictures of Pasta Rummo packaging on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to support the pasta factory.

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Food & Culture. The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

Food & Culture


A cooking class that it is not simply a lesson about recipes and food processing but rather a path of language and history throughout the Italian culinary culture.

That’s how we would describe our cooking workshops which are part of the new project of Nomit: Italian.Lab – A brand new program of Italian language, culture, history and cooking classes.

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