Memoirs of an Italo-Australo girl from Melbourne.


So as we are aware that James is the cuoco here, and I am only good for eating the food, I’ve decided to start posting my memoirs and experiences of how I feel when I eat Italian/Mediterranean food, or even just entering an Italian atmosphere. I feel as if that not only the food is important, but where you are and who you are with whilst eating add to the whole experience!

I also feel grateful and appreciative of my multicultural upbringing. Being half Italian/half Australian is such a unique experience, especially in the most multicultural state, rich of Italian heritage and cultural traditions- Melbourne. I’d be pazza not to take all of these amazing opportunities down under!

What prompted me to start the series of Memoirs of an Italo-Australo girl from Melbourne was whilst sun tanning on one of the beaches on the Mornington peninsula, specifically the border of McCrae/Dromana, were the view of the whole peninsula is visible and the water was crystal clear. I have been coming here for as long as I can remember. It is where all the “wogs” go during summer, and at times winter. At the end of the Mornington peninsula there is a town called Sorrento, like in Naples, Italy.  Looking at my surroundings and after visiting there last year, I realised why. The Italian migrants must of saw the similarity to Naples along the peninsula. It is the same shape coast with great views  and natural fauna surrounding. During summer, Italians, Greeks, and other Europeans; young and old spend weeks here just bumming around all day on the beach, eating home made panini and at night dopo cena, getting some gelato from Vulcano in Rye – the closest taste to Italian gelato. (Fun fact- I also visited the town Vulcano, Siciliy where the owners live 6 months a year and originate from.)

Whilst tanning I am feeling very nostalgic. I am pulled towards all things Italian and gravitate to them so I am able to feel closer to Italy. I am wearing the same bikini I wore in Capri, Naples. I feel very lucky that the Italian culture is so large in Melbourne and that I am exposed daily to its amazing culture. I realised after numerous family holidays to the motherland (Italia of course), that I can find Italy almost everywhere I go, whether it be a local cafe or the supermarket (Dromana IGA has recently added a ‘Mediterranean aisle’…).

In these series of memoirs, I will talk about some of my favourite Italian places to go in Melbourne, what food they offer, and sensations that reoccur with the same heartfelt feelings I get as if in Italy itself. I will of course, never stop to add to the list.

Here is the list:

  • DOC gastronomia
  • Mediterranean wholesalers
  • Brunetti cafe
  • Sorrento, VIC
  • Rye – Vulcano gelati
  • Il Pasteccino, Reservoir

I will then conclude with my experience post-Europe 2016 trip.


Date: Jan 5 2016

Featured image: Capri, Naples July 2016


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