What is Italians Down Under


Italians Down Under is a video projecy of the Art,Video&Music Department of Nomit created in May 2014.

The aim of the video project is to promote local products and markets in Melbourne to demonstrate that there is a multitude of goods that can be used to create a variety of genuine regional Italian dishes that go beyond the commonly known recipes that are offered in “Italian” restaurants.

Moreover, the project wants to show the Italian life style in Australia as well as promote the Made in Italy.

We believe that an interactive approach is a powerful and potent way to grasp the attention of our audience. Therefore, our objective is to involve Melbournians in the project rather than simply creating an informative video that is simply based on facts. In other words, our videos thrive from the active participation of people who usually do their shopping at one of the local markets in Melbourne.


For each video we will go to one of the local markets (Queen Vic market, South Melbourne market, Prahran market etc) to find an Australian participant willing to invite us into their home. Together we will do the grocery shopping for one Italian meal and then cook the dish together at their house. The idea is to give the participants the choice of a meat, fish or vegetable dish, and show them the vast panorama of the different cuisines of the Italian regions, which can be created with local products. Some dishes will require the use of a few authentic Italian products, which will be provided by us.